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Everything you need for the sale of vending machines manufactured by LAIV, S.L. is available on this page. You will find a wide range of vending products for each of the machines we manufacture. All the items which appear on this page are in stock in our warehouse at the best prices on the market. The products for vending machines which we sell meet European quality requirements, both for toys and foodstuffs.

  • Bulk products: There is a range of bulk products which can be sold in the SETI or SUPER GUM machines, such as bubble gum balls of 14, 28 and 30 mm. in diameter. We also distribute the internationally known product Mentos, specially prepared for the vending market in 1 kg. bags, together with a display poster to be fitted inside the machine.
  • Loose toys: There are photos of all the toys we have in stock at any given moment. There are items for all sizes of capsule and for all types of customer. Each item is marked with the size of capsule for which it is best suited.

  • Empty capsules: Our factory produces capsules from 32 to 100 mm. for use in the different vending machines, many sizes in different types of plastic and either completely transparent or half colour, half transparent. Filled capsules: If the customer prefers to save himself having to fill his own capsules, he can buy them ready-filled and mixed. The variety of toys inside them changes as the stock in the warehouse changes.
  • Cans of nuts: As many as 32 different products are available in cans for sale in the EXPE-9 vendor. Sweet or savoury, for kids or grown-ups, there is something for everyone.
  • Other foodstuffs: The latest vending machines Developer by LAIV have brought with them the introduction of a new range of gum and sweets. The chewing-gum vendor L7 was designed to vend packs of gum, and together with the company Chupa Chups it has been adapted to distribute its products.
32 mm 50 mm 60 mm 68 mm 68 x 90 mm 90 mm 100 mm