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Vending Machines. Vending Machine Sales

The Vending machines we present to our customers are designed to offer an excellent quality of service and obtain maximum income. LAIV has been manufacturing vending machines for many years and has a plastic injection plant which incorporates the latest technology in plastic manufacture. We also have a technical department which develops and makes moulds to make pieces from one gram to more than ten kilos in weight. If you have a project you wish to develop, any kind of vending machine, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will offer you a prompt estimate as to how much it could cost.


Of course, once the mould has been made we are at your disposal for the manufacture of the pieces you may need. Our record over the years is the best guarantee for your success in future business. We have an extensive range of vending machines we have developed over the years, and we are sure you will find the model best-suited to your needs. We would be delighted to show you the factory at any time, and you will be able to see the most up-to-date aspects of plastic injection moulding and vending machines. All our vendors are manufactured in first-class plastics.


Attractive colours and studied designs are the basis on which our vending machine business is founded, for the sale of a range of over fifteen different types of capsule, depending on diameter, as well as bulk product, for example Mentos, nuts, condoms, air-fresheners, etc. We can offer a variety of colours which makes siting machines easy, as they can be adapted to any ambience. We can help you generate business in vending machines and high-sales products. Come and visit us, or call. You will always find what you are looking for and the best deal around.